Fondo Arde Lucus Concello de Lugo

Number of players: 2

No. of pieces: 18 cards, 9 for each player.

Object of the game: to form a “mill”; in other words, to place three of their “men” in a line, allowing them to remove all their opponent’s men.


- Players take alternate turns, placing 1 man on the board in order to place three in a straight line, known as a “mill”.

- When all the men are in place, the players can move them to position them in a straight line.

- After all the men have been included, the game consists of moving a man along a segment on the board and an adjacent point (nearby, on the side). The men cannot jump over another one on the board.

- When a player has “three men in a line”, he/she may capture one of his/her opponent’s men, except those that also form “three in a line”.

- Those pieces that form “three in a line” are known as “a mill”;

- Only the player can cancel his/her own “mill”.

- The men that are removed from the board are eliminated;

- The winner is the player that manages to leave his/her opponent with just two men, and is therefore unable to make a “three in line”, or blocks his/her opponent’s men.

- If a player moves a man from his/her “mill”, he/she can only return this man to the point of departure after three moves of the game. However, according to the rules of the game, the starting point can be occupied by either of the players’ men.

- NB: The winner is the player who manages to block all his/her opponent’s moves, even though he/she has captured fewer men.

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